Fu-Style Tai Chi Bagua

 Fu Chen-Sung (1872-1953) studied Chen Style Tai Chi from Chen Yen-Hsi (8th generation from Chen Family), and Bagua with one of Dong Hai Ch’uan’s direct students (Jia Ch’i-shan), when he was young. After a number of years Fu went to Beijing to continue his study of Pa Kua Chang, with Ma Kuei (student of Yin Fu and Dong Hai Ch’uan.

In 1911, Fu Chen-Sung became a Caravan guard (body Guard) in Shantung and Henan. Later, Fu began to travel throughout China. While traveling, Fu met Sung Wei-I, who was famous for his Wu Dang Sword, Lighting Palm and Rocket fist. Sung Wei-I taught his skills to Fu.

In 1928, Fu Chen-Sung was selected as instructor in charge of Pak Kua Chang, to teach at the Central Martial Arts Academy in Nanjing. While at the Nanjing school, Fu continued to research martial arts with many of the country’s practitioners, sharing knowledge on Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Pak Kua, enabling him to form his own famous ‘Fu Style Tai Chi and Fu style Bagua.

Later, the Central Academy sent Fu Chen-Sung south to Canton, to teach at the Liang Guang Kuo Shu Kuan provincial school (The Two Guang’s Martial Arts School), were Fu became the school director. Fu also taught in Din Wu Association School, and over twenty other sites in the area.

In the early 1930’s, while teaching martial arts to army soldiers, Fu began teaching a young 22 year student named Sun Bao-Gong. Sun learned bagua from Fu for more than 20 years.  General Sun Bao-Gong started to teach bagua in Hong Kong, at the Chin Wu Athletic Association in 1966. He also invited his Kung-Fu brothers, Leung Qiang-Ya, Lin Chao-Zhen, and Chai Rong-Ji, to help him train his students in order to complete all Fu-style routines. Patrick Lee How-Chuen (formal student of Sun for more than 20 years), was appointed by Sun to take his place as in instructor in Chin Wu, after Sun passed away.

Patrick Lee (born 1948), learned Northern Shaolin and My Jong Law Horn when he was a boy. He started learning Bagua from Sun at age 18. He also learned from his Kung-fu uncles as instructed by Sun. Due to his excellent memory, he is one of the few disciples who could master all fu-style routines and Wu Dang sword. Master Lee has propagated the Fu Style Tai Chi Bagua and Wu Dang sword to Italy, Canada, USA, Philippines and all over the world.